Happy Birthday, Gabe

Last week, Gabe turned 6!  He was lucky enough to have a birthday that fell on a teacher in service day and on Daddy’s day off so we packed up the fam and a couple of friends and spent the day in Denver at the Lego store!  We had a great time!

Each time one of the kids has a birthday I say this, but it is true every time:  I can’t believe he is 6!  6 just feels so big!!  If feels like he is officially a big boy now.  We are so proud of the boy Gabe is becoming. 

  • He has the most tender heart of anyone I know, and he sympathizes with others so deeply. 
  • He is very neat and orderly.  I very rarely have to remind him to put his things away where they belong, and he often has things lined up neatly.  He reminds me of my brother in that way.  Maybe he will grow up to be an engineer too! 
  • He is very particular about how he dresses.  He has definite opinions about what kind of jeans are acceptable (no elastic waste bands, and they have to be boot cut), which shirts can be worn with a sweater vest (long sleeves only), and when to wear shorts (never, if he can help it!).  He won’t leave the house looking anything but put together!  He is also very specific about how he wears his hair (faux hawk with certain outfits, parted on the side with others). 
  • He is a good student.  He listens and follows instructions well.  He catches on to new things very quickly!
  • He makes friends easily.  He has no trouble socializing and he has already made some new friends at school.  Other kids love our Gabe!
  • He loves to play with his Legos.  He does a good job following the directions to put together a set, and he is also good at using his imagination to build something of his own creation. 
  • So far, I have been unable to capture his attention where books are concerned, but I’m not giving up!  I WILL find something that interests him and encourage him to love reading the way Isabel and I do!
  • He started AWANAS a couple of weeks ago and loves it!  He has already completed his intro book and earned his Sparks uniform!  He is great at memorizing the verses, and he is diligent about studying!

He is a great kid, and we are really enjoying watching him grow up and become his own person.  Happy Birthday, Gabe!  We love you so much!



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