Look Who’s 2!

(I wrote this post more than 2 months ago – right after Alex actually turned 2 – but I forgot to post it!  Oops!)


This boy is 2! I’ve spent the last few weeks dreading this day.  How can my baby be 2 already?  It seems like only yesterday I was trying to convince Joel that having 3 children would be better than having only 2.  Joel, obviously, gave in  (stubborn is my middle name, after all – he didn’t stand a chance ) and this little guy came into our lives with a big bang! 

These are a few of the things we want to remember about Alex’s 2nd year:

  • He is a love bug – there is nothing quite like a pair of short, chubby arms wrapped around your neck, or a wet, slobbery kiss from a pair of tiny little lips!
  • He is a ham
  • He is a drama king 
  • He throws a wicked temper tantrum
  • He loves to play with his siblings
  • He is independent
  • Daddy and Grandpa are his favorite people
  • He is a daredevil
  • He is a picky eater
  • He loves his tools and his lawn mower
  • If he puts his hands down your shirt, it’s the highest compliment he can pay you – This habit has carried over from his nursing days.  He would always stick his hand down my shirt and wrap up in it while he nursed.  When he is tired or going to sleep he will lay his head down, stick his hand down your shirt, and snuggle in close – but only if he REALLY loves you!
  • He loves to play outside – he’d live out there if I let him
  • He never stops moving
  • He is afraid of the trash truck

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