Catch up!

Why do I always do this?  I neglect my blog for months and then spend a week catching up on things that are no longer important!  I’m sure this time will be no different.  We have some very busy and exciting times coming up!  More on that later, but here are some things that have happened in the recent past that I neglected to blog about!


Easter was at our house this year.  We started our day by looking for Easter baskets.  DSC01376

Isabel’s was in the animal bin in the playroom.


Gabe’s was in the oven.


Alex’s was behind the plant in the living room.  They are getting too smart. I’m going to need to start getting very creative in order to make this a challenge in the future!


I’m thrilled that Alex is beginning to LOVE books!

After church we came home and had a lovely meal and an Easter egg hunt.



And then, of course, there was the obligatory family photos!



This year we added the Resurrection Eggs to our Easter egg hunt (why didn’t I think of this much sooner?).  The kids loved opening the eggs and listening to the resurrection story!


2.)Gabe finished his last year of Preschool.  He will be a Kindergartener next year!!!!!!! 

At the beginning of May, Gabe had his Mother’s Tea!

2013-05-01 09.05.57

The kids answered questions about us and we had to guess who’s was who’s.  I love seeing what he says about me to other people …. well, most of the time!

2013-05-01 09.08.072013-05-01 09.08.43

2013-05-01 09.33.022013-05-01 09.43.15

2013-05-01 10.06.07

Gabe’s lady friend, Gracie.  Seriously, that is what he calls her!  Quite the Casanova from what we hear!

2013-05-22 08.53.29 

Last day of Preschool.  Sad smile

3.) Isabel finished 2nd Grade.

Isabel had Around the World Days during her last week of school.  The kids were allowed to dress up as a person from each country and they learned and experiences some really neat stuff about the local culture. 
We were able to borrow this costume from a friend for India Day.

2013-05-16 07.46.15

On the last day of school, Isabel received the award for Obedience and Diligence from her teacher.  She had a rough year with tons of girl drama.  We are so proud of her for persevering and finishing strong!

 2013-05-23 11.29.252013-05-23 11.29.312013-05-23 12.09.20

4.) Mady finished High School!!!  That’s right, my parents are FINALLY empty-nesters!

Back in April, we attended Mady’s capping ceremony.  A tradition I didn’t know existed having gone to a small, private school.  Each of the kids chose one person to “cap” them and told why this person was so special to them.  Mady chose my mom.


Then, on May 22 she actually did it!  She graduated from high school!!!!! 


Since Isabel is such a big girl now she was allowed to come.  She kept asking, “How many more hours until this is over?”  I asked myself the exact same question …. aren’t graduations the longest, most boring things ever????  Thankfully, they were selling kettle corn and nachos at the arena!  This picture was taken while Candice and Joel went to get us goodies!


We had around 20 family members fly or drive in from various other states to support Mady for her graduation.  We LOVED having them all here!  I did a very poor job of taking pictures, so I don’t have much to post, but here are a few that I had on my camera.  (For those family members who took loads of pictures, please post them on Facebook or email me some!)



Ok, so I guess I only took pictures one day …. That weekend, we spent a lovely day at Fox Run park with the whole family!

5.) And, as always, the cuteness is getting cuter!

DSC01359DSC01360DSC01365DSC01371DSC013692013-02-21 07.21.462013-02-23 09.51.132013-02-26 10.00.022013-03-02 08.06.082013-03-16 10.49.432013-03-26 17.14.402013-04-01 10.34.192013-04-21 17.37.162013-04-29 13.48.022013-05-17 13.08.492013-06-03 19.13.002013-06-15 13.54.352013-06-15 13.53.472013-06-16 07.35.44DSC01430


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